Are These Songs for Children? Yes!

Are These Songs for Children?

Yes. These songs are for children of all ages.

In the younger-than-18 age group, the ones who like these songs the best seem to be from about 5 to 10 years old. The younger children love the songs and sing along. The older children listen, but they are more reserved.

Adults who enjoy fairy tales and fables like these songs, too.

Studies Show …

I’ve done a little informal research (by singing repeatedly for children in a first grade classroom) over the past few weeks.  I asked them to tell me how they liked each of the songs.

I asked them to tell me if any of the songs were “too young” for them or “too old” for them. They said they were all just right.

Their favorite songs were the ones with an easy chorus, which they sang with enthusiasm, and the ones with a story.

Favorite Songs

The children asked for certain songs every time I visited after they heard them the first time. Those songs were: Weird Duck, Shelter From the Storm, Snow Goose, Donkey Song and Teddy Bear.

The list started small, with the three songs I sang during my first two visits to the classroom. The list grew with each visit as they heard more and more songs.

I feel certain that if school were not ending today, the list would be even longer.

Giving the Gift of Music

I had a delightful experience singing repeatedly for a first grade class. They loved the songs. They sang and clapped and swayed with the music. They asked for their favorite songs. They raised their hands and asked to tell personal stories about their dogs or about seeing a snow goose. There were many smiles and much laughter.

When I sang for those children, I was giving to them. They gave to me, too, with their joy and their voices and their love of music. Today, their last day of first grade,  each child in the class is taking  home a copy of the Weird Duck cd. I hope they will sing all summer and, when they think of those songs in years to come, always remember the fun they had in first grade.

LISTEN to songs for children on my page at eFolkMusic.


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